To ensure our partners the best possible support,
we have implemented a thought-over structure. CACHICCI consists of different departments, each of them specialized in their own field.
This results in a well organized, ambitious, hard working and dedicated team who all share their passion and love for CACHICCI,
the brands and its partners.

We have made the choice not to have a large management team. We believe that you can run a business by staying true to
core values such as ; Loyalty, passion for your business, transparency and honesty.

Our sales representatives are responsible for the distribution of the brands within the Benelux fashion market.
They do not only make sure the existing clientele gets the best service, but they also seek
to continuously enlarge the market share by attracting new clients.

Our sales representatives are result driven, always focused on the task ahead and are very accurate when dealing with paperwork.
Each member has a great knowledge of today’s fashion market and shares this knowledge when advising our clients.

In today’s highly competitive market, it’s crucial to offer an adequate after-sales service.
Our clients can reach us by phone, e-mail, whatsapp and they can even check the status of their orders online.
We make sure that every order or complaint is dealt with correctly.

We strive to be a company with room for expansion in the future.
CACHICCI has had and always will have that same, clear vision. That’s why CACHICCI really is
more than just a Fashion Distributor.



As our team continues to push our ideas forward, we also intend to pursue
a universal network of clients while staying true to our roots.

Our experience within the field and diversity of clients propels us to expand our current client base,
and further improve upon our current collection and status as a top distributor of the Benelux,
and eventually, Europe.